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My first attempt to write a free verse poetry diary entry after what seems like forever. I tried haha.

Part I.

Sleep deprived eyes peer into mine

Blinking away the stardust

The product gained only by truly living

I admire the hood that forms over each eye

How each crease is a detail

Details that I’m sure would paint me a story

If only I had the courage to ask

Each precious word threatening to spill off the curve of my lips

Like children daring each other to be the first to leap

But the rapids of the maybes quickly frighten the children

And they leave without so much as a trickle over the edge

I am the turtle who understands my shell

I obey the law of nature I was given

For there is uncertainty of survival without

It petrifies me into silence.

And I can’t help but to think

If I can’t form the words

At least even the cowardly have eyes

Part II

We talk of inconsequential things

Satisfied just to hear your charisma

Pool out of you word by word

I soak it all in like the last ray of sun

Not knowing when opportunity might strike again

All the while I know deep inside

I’m just another appointment

Part III:

Time draws to an end

And in the blink of an eye

We, right there, become memories

It’s selfish, I know

But my wish for one day

Is I could leave the past in the past

For you’d always be standing in front of me

Alas, this is the life of the turtle

The one who exchanges stardust for a shell

And whose neck is never facing forward.