If You’re Curious

I’d like to begin by saying that I’d like to keep an air of anonymity. I enjoy going by An Artist’s Sanctum, though I suppose if there ever comes a time when one of you effervescent people would like to write to me, but want to avoid the long title, I’ll give you a name to assuage you. Let’s see. . . call me Fly. I must admit that I have never studied poetry in depth beyond what is learned in school every so often. That being said, I hope you can find it in your hearts to overlook grammatical mistakes and so on. I’ve often thought that I go a little crazy with the commas, so I am aware of that. Continuing on, I’m not always sure what category my poetry falls into, but then again, why must it have a category? I enjoy writing to just write. When I start feeling boxed in, that’s when I stop being passionate. For now, I think I’ll just leave everything ‘as is,’ as to not complicate anything. I believe I made this because, like many others, I like to be heard, not necessarily seen (if that makes sense). I think it’s nice to sometimes feel like there are people out there who can somewhat relate to you. In the end I’m just one person trying to search for answers in a world full of questions. This is a journey I’m ready to take.

Now that we have that, I think I should further explain my choice of anonymity. It’s simple; I want to remain anonymous because then I don’t have to hold back. I don’t have to fear that someone I know will find my blog. I am free to release out into the world something raw and unrestrained. Whereas if I told everyone exactly who I am, then I can be easily discovered by my peers, and thus ensues the long drone of questions from people trying to re-fit me into their preconceived notion of who they think I am. However, don’t get me wrong as I’m not saying I put on airs in my normal everyday life, but on the other hand I’m not always this raw with how I’m feeling or my thoughts. Well, I’m afraid if I continue I’ll begin talking in circles (that’s to say, if I haven’t already), so I’ll just end here. I may add more as I deem appropriate; we shall see.

An Artist’s Sanctum aka Fly

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