Bloody Mary


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A compartment of my heart
Is slowly creaking open
Petrified to hope
Terrified of the discovery
But I’m diving head first
Straight into the unknown

Don’t look me in the eyes
I want to hide the desperation
The little vulnerable girl
Nailless from clawing to the surface

Stifled and lifeless in the coffin I’d buried her
But the bell’s toll was as clear as day
There’s no stopping now
It’s begun

The threads of the rope clutched tight in my grip
Now threatening to unravel

Fear festering deep in my soul
As uncertainty shrieks
But the void howls incessantly
The girl with the bloody fingers
Crouched and ready
Waiting for the raging storm

Heritage (Optional)


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I don’t think about you —
most days
I don’t let myself wonder
>>what if<<
>>how come<<
>>why not<<
>>if only<<
>>why me<<
— most days

The reason is simple:

But slowly, year by year
With each form with a check box,
Geography teacher
and new friends
All curious of heritage
The tolls are taken
I can hear each one
Clear as cathedral bells
Reminders of a part of me
Unmapped; uncharted

But now I find my missing piece
Advertised for ninety-nine

The irony —
it curls my toes
They ask you to
Spit into a tube
For the same reason you’ve
Spat at the ground

They’ll decode information
What should have been a birth right
Capitalizing on our questions
Our insecurities, and our sorrows

But we’ll let them
We have more blanks than our pride
We want something they can give
They want something that we have

Two Future Posts


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So two future posts that I’m dying to do come from prompts i found on


Prompt #1: Write your observations on a random stranger. Then imagine their story and write from their perspective. 

Prompt #2: While in a public place, write down occasional sentences you overhear from others’ conversations. Use at least one of them in a poem.


If you couldn’t tell, I’m a people watcher. I’ll have to wait until next week or so to do this though, so I’ll just post this up so I don’t forget.

The Life of the Turtle


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My first attempt to write a free verse poetry diary entry after what seems like forever. I tried haha.

Part I.

Sleep deprived eyes peer into mine

Blinking away the stardust

The product gained only by truly living

I admire the hood that forms over each eye

How each crease is a detail

Details that I’m sure would paint me a story

If only I had the courage to ask

Each precious word threatening to spill off the curve of my lips

Like children daring each other to be the first to leap

But the rapids of the maybes quickly frighten the children

And they leave without so much as a trickle over the edge

I am the turtle who understands my shell

I obey the law of nature I was given

For there is uncertainty of survival without

It petrifies me into silence.

And I can’t help but to think

If I can’t form the words

At least even the cowardly have eyes

Part II

We talk of inconsequential things

Satisfied just to hear your charisma

Pool out of you word by word

I soak it all in like the last ray of sun

Not knowing when opportunity might strike again

All the while I know deep inside

I’m just another appointment

Part III:

Time draws to an end

And in the blink of an eye

We, right there, become memories

It’s selfish, I know

But my wish for one day

Is I could leave the past in the past

For you’d always be standing in front of me

Alas, this is the life of the turtle

The one who exchanges stardust for a shell

And whose neck is never facing forward.

Love Poem


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**Here’s a little love poem I had to write for an English class I took a couple years back. Again, another notebook poem.**

A fresh breath of summer air
You make me feel as if I’ve never had a care
Eyes like doors into the soul
I’ve opened mine, you’ve opened yours

And when we did, our hearts collided
Our souls fit perfectly like notes in a chord
Like yin and yang
Never to be divided

Just two people together
Simple and easy
Like two streams come together to create a pond



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Thank you to the lovely people who have graced my blog. I am humbled by each and every one of you. As you can read from the title, I shall be going on a bit of a hiatus for a short period. I had something come up with work involving a miscommunicated deadline. Therefore, my workload has now increased two-fold and I regret to say that I haven’t the luxury of time to continue with NaPoWriMo or even this blog in general until the end of this month. Again, thank you for being kind enough to even take the time to read what I have to post. It seriously means a lot to me.

NaPoWriMo – Day 10 – The House


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The House

Late at night
The voices stir
Retelling tales of long ago

Words reverberate
Off the walls
And carry on down the hall

With the sweet release
Of long held in secrets
They become unburdened

They guffaw at their blunders
Their mistakes made in love
Their missteps, their slip ups

This tiny house may not look like much
But it’s where souls are being freed

NaPoWriMo – Day 9 – Noir


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Writing Prompt: Today I challenge you write a poem inspired by noir.


The dim lights cast the shadows
The shadows are teeming with secrets
The secrets that many dare not intrude on
Yet the detective charges on
Determination in his brow

For it is in the truth he finds solace
It is the light that illuminates the dark
It is his way to fight the shadows
The way to heal his heart

And it is wherein the shadows
He uncovers the truth
The cheating and the treachery
Crime; it never waits

He lifts his magnifying glass to his eye
Releases another sigh
The secrets that were once hidden
He now brings into daylight