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Writing Prompt: Valediction – A poem of farewell

With today being the day of the funeral, I think this is a very appropriate prompt for today.

It’s Time

Farewell to you,
The anguish of my soul
Begin to unfurl your fingers
It’s time to fill that hole
I kept thinking I should add more, but lately I’ve realized that less is sometimes more. I think I will leave it at this because writing any more would be just to fill a page. And why should I attempt to fill a page when I’ve already said what I feel is adequate?

Anyway, I began writing this this morning with ever intent to write a farewell to my dear loved one who has just recently passed away, but decided to hold off until the end of the day so that I could better form my poem. So after the funeral and all the processions, we arrived back and I began thinking a bit more about this poem. As I delved deeper into my thoughts for how I wanted this poem to pan out, I realized that, while saying goodbye was a major part of today, it was also just that – a part. The bigger picture I think was closure. So many holes in my world began forming as soon as she became sick. The biggest hole formed when it was announced that she had passed. After that I kept counting the days until the funeral. I kept thinking to myself, ‘if I can just get to that funeral, I know I can start healing and letting go of all my anger and sadness. I just need the funeral.’ Without the funeral, I felt lost and in limbo.
In the end I found closure. I’m not saying that now everything is fine and I feel no pain at all, but what I am saying is that I’ve begun the process of learning how to move on after losing somebody dear to you in a way where you remember them in a positive way, but not dwelling in a negative way – if that makes sense. 

I don’t know how clear I have been, but perhaps I’ve helped somebody else in one way or another? I don’t know, but I can only hope so.