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Writing Prompt: That of a poem that tells a lie.

My Nonfiction Fantasy

I notice the the sun smile politely at the moon
The moon smiles cordially back as they switch places in the sky

The waves soothe the shore as they ebb and flow
Each time they begin to ebb, they whisper sweet things
Promises to return back some day
Eventually they are replaced by a new set
Yet the promises always remain the same

The wind dances through the sky
Beautiful, but infinitely elusive
It plays with the strands of our hair
Tossing them every which way;
Never deterred
Though eventually it tires of this game, and glides off to the next adventure

And I –
My heart without anchor –
I wish to be the same
I sail away until my boat becomes a cage
Then I jump off the bow into the water

At first all I can feel is the pressure on my lungs
This mouth was not made for water
Seconds later the pressure releases as my gills sprout from either side of my neck
Now I can relax
Next, I’m letting my need for legs go
My scales shimmer like they’ve learned the secret of the stars
I swim through the gardens of algae
I pass through the natural coral arches that – if I only had a moment –
I’m sure they’d tell a story
I float through the school of fish
I dart past the eels
But eventually the tail becomes a cage
I must abandon this scaly prison so I dive down to the bottom
Once I feel the sand, I gather all of my strength
I shoot up, up, up – like a torpedo

I feel suspended in the air
Without a second thought the tail has evaporated and my legs materialize
Suddenly I’m falling out of the sky
Free falling down, but I am made to survive
A pair of snowy wings emerge from my back
Effortlessly; as if they’ve always been there
And I’m soaring now through the sky; weightless
I go higher until I reach the clouds which accept me as one of their own
They ask me where have I been;
What took me so long
Up in the air, me and my wings
We are at home as we now tear through the sky
So this is freedom
As I sing to a bird
I float on a cloud
The bird replies in a series of chirps as if it understands my every word
I can feel the sun bestowing on me the warmth of its rays
It wraps me up in a warm embrace
I continue to drift as the gusts of wind carry me along
I flit around the open air, with the possibilities endless
No decisions to be made, but just to be
I think I’ll hold on to this for a while