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Well I just now discovered this poetry event and thankfully I’m only one day behind. Let’s see where my creative juices take me; one poem, two poems, no poems? We shall see. Just to warn, I haven’t written in a while, and even then I’ve never had any background. Well now that I’ve lowered the bar a bit, let’s begin.

April 1st Challenge: I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that has the same first line as another poem.

(“Hope” is the thing with feathers – Emily Dickinson)

“Hope” is the thing with feathers—
It is the wind that gently urges forward
It is the voice that need not scream, but always fights to be heard

“Hope” is the child learning to ride a bike despite continuously falling
It is the bud peeking through after everything else has burned
It is the woman kneeling, praying for a miracle in the face of adversity
It is the light that illuminates the dark
The fire that warms the cold
It is the one hand extended out for someone to grab
It is the rise of the sun
The early morning chirp of the birds

“Hope” is the feeling of a spark being ignited in the soul—
A million doves being released into the sky
It is the sweet release of burdens
And the will to continue forward

That is “hope”