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You said we’d be a family

Like that was something new

But I tried to believe you

Because I wanted to


Now here we are

Back in the same place we began


At first I was hurt

I wondered how you couldn’t see

I was growing up

I was moving out

But still, you hadn’t really gotten to know me


You see,

I saw you three hours a day during the week

I talked to you for a total of maybe five

Sometimes we had the weekend

Often times, we did not

And I felt like you were waiting for me to be a finished product

Then you’d take time to enjoy me

Maybe you were, maybe not


As I have grown up

You see, Mom, I’ve been doing that a lot

I’ve realized that that’s just the kind of family we are

It’s not always wrong, and it’s not always right

Perhaps we should have treasured our time more

Tried to add one more blessing to the count

But we are how we are

And I think that should be more than enough


I should no longer hold us to that cookie cutter standard

We live and we breathe

We make mistakes, but we charge on

And in the end, isn’t that just what family does

It’s not defined by the amount of meals we eat together

Or the number of words we exchange

But the trust we build over time

The trust we have in each other

I guess what I’m trying to say is

There’s no doubt in my mind

I know this for a fact

If I were to fall

You’d catch me

And that’s really that.